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What you need before installing Tyre:

Having MS Internet Explorer installed is a prerequisite (even if you don't use that browser yourself), because Tyre is using its functions. We recommend that you install the most recent version for your operating system, and that you keep it up-to-date.
You also need a Google API Key code. That is: if you want to use Tyre with Google Maps.

It is possible to use Tyre without Google Maps, and to use just Open Street Maps. In that case not all options may be available and drawing the map may be slower. Using Google Maps is recommended: drawing the map is done faster, and all options will be available.

But: Google wants to keep control of using the map. So, if you want to use Google Maps, you need a Google API Key code. After installing Tyre and starting it for the first time, you receive help to create this Google Key.
Tyre and Garmin working together


Tyre is free and developed by volunteers.


Check out the release notes for updates.


Tyre is currently available for Windows


Tyre is available in both 32- and 64-bit.

Download Tyre from our website

We only publish Tyre on this website. It's free, download our program immediately.
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