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Tyre History

Here you can see what the improvements and changes are since Tyre was launched in february 2006. (Until version 4.0 Tyre was known as ‘Google-TomTom’.)

Version 8.10 (build 2):

This is a major update: important changes!

NOTE: this is a test version.

If this version is not offered in Tyre, send me an email: [email protected]
  • The biggest change will be that you as a user can choose which map provider you want to use: do you want to use Google Maps or do you want to use Open Street Maps?

    Google Maps has more options and map details, and drawing the map is faster, but in user reactions we notice that many are reluctant to pass on all kinds of data (including credit card information) to Google.

    That is why there is now also the option to choose maps and routes that are offered via Open Source. And: it is always possible to switch via the preferences!
  • Known limitations when using Open Source:
    • It is only possible to create routes for motorbikes and cars.
    • We are not sure if the option to ignore seasonal closures will work. That is why this option is currently not available.
And here are some other changes:
  • Due to changes on the Google server, some functions have recently been working defectively or with errors. We fixed this. Everything should now works as designed.
  • Like in other Windows applications, F2 can be used now to edit the names of waypoints.
  • This is another improvement in editing those names: when automatic numbering is on, the number will disappear on editing. Just to avoid confusion. When done, the number will be added again.
  • On inserting waypoints, Tyre will now only ask where to add them, if there are already waypoints present (and if you have checked the option to ask, of course).
  • In the preferences, we have made a better visual distinction between (1) general route preferences and (2) the route preferences that are used for the actual route.
  • Copying a waypoint (or a Tyre favorite) to your TomTom device as a TomTom favorite is no longer supported for older TomTom devices (year 2014 and before). This is due to the fact that this option was removed by TomTom.
  • For those of you who prefer DMS values over Latitude/Longitude values: we have improved the way DMS values are displayed.
  • Some minor changes.

Version 8.10 (build 1):

  • This is only a minor test version.

Version 8.00 (build 7):

  • Downloading and installing files with Points of Interest has improved! POI files for TomTom (*.ov2) and for Garmin (*.gpi) are better handled now.

    Wanna see it yourself? Press F7 from the main window and find out all about it!
  • There was a bug in saving the road book, on some computers resulting in saving an empty .csv file. The problem is gone now.

Version 8.00 (build 5):

  • We have added two buttons on top of the map. You can use them to toggle between avoiding highways or not, and between avoiding toll roads or not.

    Setting the option is only valid for the current route, and will not change the general options.

    If your file type is a Tyre Route File (*.trf), the changes will be stored on saving the file, like all other route options.
  • We have added the possibility to get more information about the Google API Key (and its pricing): there were lots of questions about it.
  • And again: some language issues have been fixed. Tyre is growing better and better all over the world...

Version 8.00 (build 3):

  • No new features, but again we have added some information to the FAQs, mainly about using the Google API Key. And we have also added some information about it to the program itself, because most asked questions are about generating and setting the Google API Key.

Version 8.00 (build 1):

This is a major update: important changes!
  • Tyre has returned to its former Freeware status.

    The collaboration with TyreToTravel has ended. Its owner has discontinued that business. That brought an end to the period that Tyre was offered commercially.

    I had imagined the development of Tyre differently. Now that it has turned out that way, I was faced with the choice: do nothing, or continue with Tyre myself.

    I chose the latter because I think many people enjoy using Tyre. I would like to help those people. And as a bonus I got my old hobby back...

    For many users, this will work out well, because it also means that features that were previously only available in the paid versions of Tyre, are now available to everyone. For free!

    This also means that is no longer necessary to register your copy of Tyre. Therefore the 'register' options have been removed from the program.
  • Another important change is the 'engine': we tried to work with GraphHopper for a year for calculating and displaying routes. Unfortunately, that continued to cause problems in all sorts of ways. Therefore we have returned to the use of Google Maps for the map and for the routes.
  • It does mean that every user must request an 'API key' from Google. That may seem difficult: because how do you do that? And: what does it cost?

    1. Requesting a key is very easy: you just have to go through a few steps only once. If you need help, Tyre can assist you here.

    2. And the costs? It seems as if you have to pay, but that is not the reality. You only start paying if you use the Google 'route engine' more than 25,000 times a day. It hard to imagine that any user of Tyre will even come close to that number!

Version 8.00 (build 6):

  • Inserting a waypoint by dragging the route line has improved. There was a bug. That is to say: it was not really bug, because it worked before. But those Google guys must have changed some code on their server, because it did not work properly anymore. Now it works like a charm again!
  • The behavior of the startup screen has changed: it will no longer stay on top of all other windows. So, you can open any other applications while Tyre is starting up.
  • The Polish language file has been completely revised. Thanks to Ewe.
  • Some minor language issues solved.

Version 8.00 (build 4):

  • We have fixed some language issues.

Version 8.00 (build 2):

  • On creating new waypoints, we have changed the default from 'using popups' to 'hiding popups'. Of course it is still possible to enter your own preference, by clicking the button to the left side of the map.
  • Another default setting has changed: the small overview map in the lower right corner is now hidden by default.

    This is done, because the overview map causes Tyre to slow down on some computers. We have not found the reason for this behavior yet.
  • We have added some information to the FAQs, mainly about using the Google API Key.

Version 7.00 (build 15):

  • We are preparing a new major update. The current update is an itermediate one to make the new major update possible.

Version 7.00 (build 13):

  • When selecting another map from the preferences, the selected map will be applied immediately, also to already open maps.

Version 7.00 (build 11):

  • If you own a Google API Key, you can enter it for better displaying the Google maps and preventing error messages (Tyre Pro only).
  • There was a bug in the function to add waypoints manually, due to the new search function. The bug is gone now.
  • Some minor enhancements.

Version 7.00 (build 9):

  • It was a bit confusing that nothing happened after an unsuccessful search operation.

    Now there will be a message, saying: 'Sorry, no search results!'
  • We also improved search results: if there is more than just one result, you will be offered a list of results, which enables you to pick one.
  • If a search result is shown on the map, it will offer you the possibility to add it to your trip right away.

Version 7.00 (build 7):

  • Now it is possible to select a map of your preference.

    The dropdown list of available maps can be found on the 'Map' tab in the 'Preferences' dialogue box.

    There is also a button that will display a small preview map, when you click it. So, several maps are available, but the only difference is the map itself.

    Selecting another map will not affect any route calculation.
  • Displaying route arrows is much faster now, thanks to a new algorithm!
  • There was a bug in displaying routes from the library. The bug is gone now.

Version 7.00 (build 5):

  • Route preview is working again. There was a bug in the old version, that has been removed.

    Nobody reported it. Apparently the situation was too specific. ;)
  • Soms other bugs removed.
  • For some reason, Streetview did not work as designed. Now it does.
  • Optimizing waypoints has also become available.
  • The same is true for splitting a file into several other files.
  • The options to avoid highways and toll roads are still not working yet. It takes more time to get them properly functioning than we expected.

    We are working hard to have those options working next week.

    This is something that will be solved on the server side, and therefore it will not require another update.
  • Creating touristic routes is also working again.

    That is to say: the code to create such routes is there and is functioning.

    Unfortunately, this code uses the options to avoid highways and toll roads.

    As soon as those options are fully functional (see previous bullet), the feature to create touristic routes will function as designed.

Version 7.00 (build 3):

  • Again some bugs removed. We are grateful to the people who reported them.
  • The 'regular' route calculation was already possible, and now the creation of 'off road' routes is also functioning again.
  • At the moment (June 15) the options 'avoid highways' and 'avoid toll roads' do not work yet. We are working hard to have those options working next week.

    This is something that will be solved on the server side, and therefore it will not require another update.
  • Still some other functions and options do need an update to work properly. We hope to release that next update as soon as possible.

Version 7.00 (build 1):

This is a major update; Tyre has an almost completely new engine!
  • Soon after our last update, Google announced some big changes for users like Tyre!

    Therefore we were forced to look for another map provider and a new way of calculating routes.

    Fortunately, we found them both. So, here is a completely new version of Tyre: another map, and a way of calculating that is even faster than you were used to!

    We apologize to all users who had problems lately, and we hope that you will enjoy our new product.
  • There is one 'but', however: lots of code must be re-written, and it is not completely finished yet.

    Most functions (the most important ones) are avaiable, but some others will be in the near future.

    We are working hard to complete our new product as soon as possible.

    Please be patient, and we hope that you will continue to love Tyre as you did before!
  • New code also means the possibility of new bugs. If you encounter one, please let us know, and help us to improve Tyre.

Version 7.00 (build 14):

  • After removing a waypoint from a calculated route, Tyre returned to displaying the full route. We have changed that now: the current zoom factor will be maintained.

Version 7.00 (build 12):

  • After pasting one or more waypoints from the clipboard, Tyre will display your full trip.
  • There was a bug in the search function, when searching coordinates. The bug is gone now.

Version 7.00 (build 10):

  • We have improved the search function even more.

    The function that we have added, is a trial. So, please let us know if you encounter any problems.
  • There was a bug in displaying the proper distance and time after relocating a waypoint. The bug has gone now.

Version 7.00 (build 8):

  • We have added some Google map types to select from the preferences.
  • The library will now also use the map that you have selected from the preferences.
  • There was a bug in calculating the route time and distance, when two (or more) waypoints were at the same location. The bug is gone now.
  • Some other small bugs have been removed.

Version 7.00 (build 6):

  • On opening, the map shows better: it does not always start with showing the whole world.

    If you have entered a favorite opening location, the map will open there. When you open a route, the route will be shown right away.
  • Did you like the Google map in Tyre in the old days? A lot of people did, because there is a lot of information on that map.

    Now we have added the option to use the Google Map as an overlay, that is:
    • The route calculation does not originate from Google, so there may be some small differences between the map and the route line.
    • From time to time, there may be errors in displaying the map. In that case: unselect the option and try again later.

      You can find the option here: from the 'Tools' menu, select 'Options'. Then select the 'Map' tab.
  • Repainting the map after undo or redo actions is done better now.
  • For those of you who liked the arrows to indicate the route: they are back.
  • There was a bug in calculating the route time and distance, after relocating or inserting a waypoint. The bug is gone now.
  • Some other small bugs have been removed.

Version 7.00 (build 4):

  • Route options for Tyre files (*.trf and *.tpf) are now properly saved into the files again, and will be used on re-opening those files.
  • The Tyre library is now fully functional again.
  • All road book functions (display, print, etc.) are working properly now.
  • We wanted to add Street view one way or another, because it contains useful information.

    Unfortunately, there is only one way Google allows us to do so: by opening Street view in a browser.

    Opening Street view directly in Tyre has become impossible.

    But you can open Street view everywhere you want, just by right clicking on the map. Try it yourself!
  • Soms bugs removed...
  • For now: 3 features are still waiting to be ported to the new format: creating winding routes, optimizing waypoints and preview riding/driving.

    And some small stuff too...

    We continue our labour, and you will hear from us shortly.

Version 7.00 (build 2):

  • Some bugs removed. ;)
  • Some minor enhancements.
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