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Who knows your own environment better than you? You are familiar with all nice and winding roads. Why not share it with others so they can benefit from your knowledge? And vice versa of course: if others make a nice route in their own environment, it's nice if you can ride that route.
Thus was born the idea of a 'chain route': a route which is made by many motorcyclists, each creating a small link of the route, and each link starting where another one ends. Then everyone can download the necessary files to compose a nice route and to go out for a ride. You decide where you will start and end.


The routes on this website are made with the TomTom RIDER in mind. Of course they can also be used in other TomTom or Garmin devices, or any other navigation device. So, you can use them in your car too!


Creating a route can be done with the TomTom RIDER (or another navigation device). But it is easier to use Tyre to do the job.


To ride the route(s), your TomTom must be set up properly. This is important, if you have an older TomTom device (2015 or older).
The available files can be viewed, downloaded and edited in Tyre. Feel free to use as many as you want. I really hope that you feel some urge to create a new link yourself. Sending a route is a breeze with the Tyre program, but it can be done in other ways too.
If you want to create and deliver a new piece of route, you can pick up the route wherever you want. If there are several routes departing from one place, that is no problem. It only offers more possibilities. There is this one request: if possible, connect to one of the existing starting or ending points. It is best if the links connect directly to each other as much as possible.
chain route with tyre


Create a route in your TomTom RIDER. Or: download and install Tyre. Tyre is the perfect tool to create beautiful routes on your computer.


Available files from this website have a name, starting with the abbreviation of the country, followed by the names of the starting and ending points, e.g. 'NL Amersfoort-Harderwijk'. If you send in a route, it would be nice if it had the proper name already.
Routes used to be displayed here. Changes on the Google website made it impossible to continue displaying the overview. Now we have this new approach: the overview is made part of Tyre. And maybe that is easier after all.
The links are easily reversible if you use Tyre. For example: the route from Kampen to Harderwijk can be turned into a route from Harderwijk to Kampen with one click. This is an easy way to link several route parts to create a route that you like.
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