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Make Tyre and your navigational device work together.

What if you could integrate your Google Maps and Google Earth routes in your TomTom device? You would have the ultimate navigation kit. I called it Tyre. Tyre existed with this first question. While shaping the solution I came up with the following requirements I needed for Tyre.
A navigation device doesn’t communicate with Google Maps or Google Earth on its own. So I needed to build an application that would do just that. I wanted the possibility to point out my routes and some points of interest at home with my computer. I did not want to push my finger onto the touch screen of my TomTom device every time: to add one waypoint to an itinerary, I had to crawl about three or four TomTom screens each time.
Tyre and Garmin working together

Keith Read

"The best route planning software by far for the TomTom. I've used Tyre almost from the very beginning and I like it as much today as I did then. I've lost count of the number of people and businesses I've recommended it to over the years. "
Tyre navigation with TomTom 2020

Paul R.

"Thank you very much for your ongoing work on this most excellent mapping program. Without doubt in my opinion and experience trying many many mapping apps/software, the best by far. "

Edouard Cugni

"Hope you keep Tyre alive for a long time."

Use Tyre to build itineraries, easy and fast

What do you have to do to make Google Maps and your TomTom cooperate as a good team? As a matter of fact, it is really simple. I wrote a small application myself. Everyone may download and use it freely. You can use it to create itineraries (route files) and also to create files with points of interest.
You can open and save files in several different formats for TomTom, Garmin and other device types.
Tyre itineraries and points of interest


I parted ways with my partner, which means Tyretotravel has stopped. I reverted back to offering Tyre for free, as it was in the past. Tyre2Navigate is and will always be for free. We use donations and sponsors to cover all expenses made.


Tyre has been developed to make it possible to let your navigation device communicate with Google Maps & Google Earth. In a few steps you can get Tyre working. Connect it with your navigational device and you're set within minutes.


Right now Tyre works on any Windows powered PC. We are currently working on a cloud based version, which will also work on iMac’s. Give us some time (and donations) and we will do our best to launch the cloud based version asap.


You do not have to crawl your TomTom device for hours to add waypoints to an itinerary. Install Tyre2Travel and you can plan your routes easily, with your pc. This can save you hours of crawling through your navigational device.


As of July 2020 we will offer anyone using Tyre free access to our private Facebook group. This way users can help eachother out. If you are still facing issues with Tyre2Travel, don't hesitate to contact our support team.


Thanks to our volunteers, Tyre is offered in 20 different languages. Select your language on setup and you are all set. Thanks goes out to all volunteers who'm helped us throughout the years. Want to volunteer? Contact us.


Anyone can install Tyre. Download the program, start the setup (install), select your language and you are up and running within minutes. In our newest version you don't need Google Maps or Google Earth anymore.


We have always listened to our users. Therefor we update Tyre quite often. Did you install Tyre? Don't worry, you will get notified by our support team whenever there is a new version / upgrade available for download.


Planning routes is easy and fun. Sharing great routes is even better. Join the Tyre community and share your routes with other users. Our volunteers will select the best routes and add those to the route library on this website.

Tyre is available in 20 different languages

You can select your own language directly after downloading: start the setup and choose your own language. These languages are only available for the program and for the help pages. The website you are reading now, is only available English at the moment.
We will soon add other languages to the website.
Tyre is available in 20 languages


Download Tyre from our own website. We do not offer the downloads anywhere else!


Install and setup Tyre on your PC. The download and setup will take you a few minutes.


Questions or feedback? Check our help page or contact our voluntary staff.
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