Thanks for supporting Tyre

The Tyre hall of fame. Several people have been very helpful in translating Tyre or otherwise. On this page we show the people who contributed or still contribute to the Tyre Navigation program and website. If you have feedback or questions, please check out our contact page.

Tyre History

The basis for Tyre was laid in 2006, when the Dutch minister Boersma combined his two hobbies: motorcycling and programming. He created Tyre: the program that made Google Maps work with TomTom.

In the fourteen years that Tyre exists the program has been continually upgraded. Without any commercial effort or advertising it has become the most popular freeware program for creating GPS routes. More than 500,000 people worldwide use it. Now is the time for further professionalization and expansion of the capabilities of Tyre. So we can all enjoy more perfect routes. Tyre2Navigate makes that possible.

The Tire Hall of Fame

Routes and Ideas

Lots of people have helped (and still do!) By sending route files, coming up with suggestions, reporting errors, etc. In the past, all names were here. But the list became way too long… Thank you all!